Psychologically speaking, we are inherently self-hating. This is a fact. As children, we all internalize our traumas and disappointments and failures to be wholly representative of our own self-worth. And because we all experience trauma, failure and disappointment, we all, to varying degrees, grow up feeling somewhat awful about ourselves. This is not a bug, it’s a feature of human evolution.
We are evolved to be miserable and insecure to a certain degree, because it’s the mildly miserable and insecure creature who is going to do the most work to innovate and survive.
The only real way out of our own self-hatred and self-destructive nature is not declaring how right we are, but rather in accepting how wrong we are. It comes in questioning those base instincts, those knee-jerk judgments. It comes in the courage to question our most closely-held beliefs and fight against the tyranny of our own certainty.
And paradoxically, it’s out of this new uncertainty that the rays of self-acceptance shine through.

– Mark Ronson

Ketika saya melihat-lihat album foto yang lama aku berkata: lihatlah. Kayaknya saya bahagia disaat itu.Tapi bukankah kita memang selalu memotret diri kita saat kita bahagia?

Kan tdk mungkin jg saat kita menangis suram kita memotret diri. 

Tapi hey, saya ingin menghitung hidup ini dengan momen-momen tersebut. Momen-momen bahagia itu. Saya tidak ingin saat tua nanti, di ranjang saya lalu baru berfikir: hey. I had a very good life, I should worry less…