There’s no “win” in life. No immortality happiness. There’s no ending, there’s no certainty in life, the only certainty in life is in the end you’ll die.

You can’t win in life, you can run in the end of the world whenever you get all you want and scream: “I WIIIN!” And the happiness & bliss will yours for the rest of your life. You can’t.
In life you just learn, learn, and learn & enjoy what you’re doing. That’s called win, in life.
You just take what life gaves you in the first place; the life itself.

In life, what you do is do life, there’s no stopping spot, like you end here, done here. You just keep on moving, you reach happiness, and another happiness, another freedom, in between you’re gonna feel an unpleasant things too, not because it is bad, but it because you should feel it. You should feel everything. Not because life punish you, but just because you should know how it taste.

So why are you so sad now young lady?


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